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Achieving perfection seems like the solution to many problems within our lives. When striving to attain career goals, we can fail to realize that it takes a long time to perfect our craft. Instead of reaching for perfection, the two things we should aim for in our careers are making progress and learning from our mistakes.

A Negative Mindset

Perfection can be the ideal goal for many, but this goal can actually create a negative mindset that results in constant self-critique. As humans, we grow by learning from our mistakes and implementing these lessons into our future activities. For entrepreneurs, striving for perfection is often discouraged simply because it leads to an ideal image of ourselves that can only be attained through unrealistic high standards. When imagining the perfect entrepreneur, you may think of a wealthy, successful businessman who uses flawless strategies. While this image is great, the reality is that this person will face conflicts in his/her life.

High standards can lead to conflict in your relationships, workplace, and more. Being an entrepreneur means that you rely on your connections with others to succeed in your career. The unrealistic expectation of perfection can cause others to feel stressed in your presence. Not to mention, this goal can be a source of your own stress. After some time of working towards achieving your goal, you may soon feel hopeless or unmotivated. This will ultimately lower your productivity and cause you to burn out.

As an entrepreneur, your highest priority is producing well-functioning products or features. If a perfectionist mindset is added, you may find yourself working to correct every single aspect of your product before finally launching it. This could result in less income and a loss of opportunities as you place all of your efforts on a single product.

If the product should fail at launch, you may experience a surplus of negative feelings after all the time you put into perfecting it. In the end, perfectionism has more disadvantages than advantages. Your own ideals and goals may be holding you back from achieving your true potential. Making progress and learning as you go is a better and healthier way to attain success without a stressful mindset.