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Developing a leadership style is like working out. There are no quick fixes, and it requires a variety of techniques to see where you’re at. While leaders typically focus on what they should be doing, they also listen to others’ opinions and learn from those who have success.

During my early career, I worked under a leader who had a lot of characteristics that were not ideal for a leader. Through this experience, I learned what type of leader I wanted to be. Here are a few things we can learn about leadership from bad leaders.

Acknowledge and Purge Negative Traits

Everyone has their expectations when it comes to leaders, and the opposite is true. When it comes to identifying bad leaders, it can be hard to tell the difference between those who should and should not lead.

Learning from and working with bad leaders can help you avoid making the same mistakes that you might have made if you were in their position. It can also help you move up in leadership roles much faster.

Be A Leader, Not A Boss

One of my leadership lessons was to never be so laser-focused on achieving success that I forgot the people around me. When I took on a new role, I decided to focus on results instead.

After my first year in the new job, I thought that everything was going well. However, my supervisor wasn’t as satisfied as I was.

The results were great, but I failed to see the impact that my focus on results had on the employees.

It was that moment that taught me the importance of leading without commanding. Leaders should provide a framework for success so that employees can feel supported and heard throughout the journey.

There’s No I In Team

Many businesses have a variety of success traits that guide their employees. One of these tends to be ownership, which states that everyone has their responsibilities and duty to help the company’s mission.

Being a leader is a lifelong pursuit, and taking on negative experiences can help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself. Learning from these experiences can help you develop a strong leadership style.