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When working remotely from an employer’s headquarters, communication can often be difficult between employees and supervisors if there is not a universally structured plan in place. There are limitless ways to communicate via technology; however, it must be used strategically to be effective. Here are some essential ways to ensure proper communication among business teams.


Video Conferencing

The need for employees and supervisors to meet is still present even when working remotely. This ensures employees are up to date on project expectations and any company changes. Meeting as a team also allows for group problem solving and meaningful connections with your supervisor and coworkers. Video conferencing is a great way to ensure all components of a meeting are met, including communicating via computer microphone and live chat. Video conferencing is also an effective way for supervisors to provide training to employees. Having a routine meeting each week via video conferencing can help this concept become part of the company’s culture.


 Video Calls

There may be times when an employee must work with his or her coworkers or supervisor on a project. For the project to be successful, video calls may be needed for everyone involved to get a visual on what each employee is working on. Live chats and phone calls are still useful for communication; however, sometimes, when that visual representation is lacking, there can be some level of miscommunication in how the task is being completed and what the project looks like during each step of the process. This process is different from video conferencing in that video calls can be between just two people to allow for a more personalized conversation.


 Instant Messaging

 In addition to using live chats during video conferencing and project management, instant messaging can be used for supervisors to check in with their employees periodically. Employees can also ask quick questions to their coworkers or supervisors through this function. It helps to keep everyone connected throughout the day on an as-needed basis.


 Although there is a level of disconnection between employees when working remotely, there are useful ways for business teams to communicate from a distance. Utilizing programs that have video conferencing, video calling, and instant messaging functions along with a schedule for using these functions can allow business teams to have structured communication through each step of project management.