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CEOs are often seen as the most powerful people in their respective companies, and with good reason – they have a lot of responsibility. It’s not easy being a CEO. But, what you might not know is that being the boss also has its perks. Here are a few tips for new CEOs just getting started.

1) Take Time to Learn About Your Company

You might not know everything there is to know about your company when you first become CEO, but it’s important that you spend some time learning the basics before making any big decisions. Expand your knowledge of your firm’s financials by reading reports from previous years. Meet with department heads and find out what projects they’re working on.

2) Keep Track of Your Objectives and Favorite Causes

If you want to be a successful CEO, it’s important that you know exactly what your goals are in the long term. Make an outline of your objectives with some steps for achieving them. You should also think about causes that you’d like to support as part of your job. Being a CEO is about more than numbers – it’s also partly about being a good human being and supporting initiatives that matter to you.

3) Start Networking

If you want to advance in your career as quickly as possible, networking can be the fastest way to get there. That doesn’t mean going out every night to expensive restaurants and bars – just that you should get to know people in your field. Make sure that you attend events relevant to your company’s industry, and don’t be afraid to approach successful people and ask questions.

4) Learn from Your Experiences and Mistakes

Making mistakes as a CEO is inevitable. No one knows everything after just a few months on the job. The key to avoiding serious mistakes is learning from your experiences and those of others. Try reading about other CEOs or talking with people you know in leadership positions.

5) Stay Organized

It’s tempting when you start as CEO to feel like you need to do everything yourself, but that’s not the best way to do things. You want to delegate tasks whenever possible. Remember that your job is ultimately to make sure this company makes a profit, and you won’t be able to do that if you’re stuck doing small jobs like answering customer calls all day.

6) Stay Positive

Being the CEO can feel overwhelming sometimes. The work can be hard, and it’s easy to feel isolated in your job. For you to succeed, you need to stay positive. Focus on the good things happening at your company and try not to let negative feeling creep into your mind.