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There are thousands of successful entrepreneurs scattered all over the world, even if you’ve never heard of them. You likely think of a few select names when you think of entrepreneurship. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs. These are some of the most famous entrepreneurs out there, and understandably the first ones that come to mind. There are so many others that the average person doesn’t know or think of though. Here are a few of the greatest entrepreneurs out there today.

Naveen Jain – Viome

An entrepreneur who is passionate about pushing humanity forward, Naveen Jain is the author of Moonshots, which was an award-winning book about creating a world of abundance. He currently runs two companies: Viome and Moon Express. He previously founded three companies: Intelius, InfoSpace, and TalentWise. The goal of Viome is to make illness optional. Through an AI-based platform, it has developed a way to analyze the interactions between our bodies and food, in order to develop personalized nutrition for chronic diseases. Moon Express, on the other hand, is the only business on the planet that has permission to harvest the resources from the moon. This is very important, as it will help push humanity toward a multi-planetary society.

Darwin Enriquez – Inknation

Inknation was founded in 2021 in New York City by Darwin Enriquez and Zhimpa Moreno. The shop was established on the idea that ink unites. This concept is a nod to the brotherhood that the two founders have created. The shop is dedicated to providing a safe and clean environment for tattoo artists to work. It is also fueled by the work of Darwin, who started out as a young artist in Venezuela. After working in a professional studio, he would eventually attend conventions and receive critical acclaim for his work. Through his journey, he was able to develop a deeper style of tattoo that he is known for today. He can be reached through the Inknation platform to discuss his work.

Keith Zivalich – Magic Weighted Blanket

According to the CDC, around 40 million adults in the US are diagnosed with anxiety every year. The Magic Weighted Blanket was invented by Keith Zivalich in 1997 as a way to help people manage their anxiety. The concept was inspired by his daughter placing a beanie baby on his shoulder. Zivalich utilized deep pressure stimulation therapy to create the blanket, which was designed to help people get better sleep and manage their stress. Though Zivalich put his idea into the world back in 97′, his blankets didn’t become popular until 2016. As an entrepreneur, Zivalich values the importance of passion and patience. He also believes that the success of his concepts can be attributed to his past.