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It takes a great manager to run a company smoothly. Sadly, most companies have managers with zero leadership skills. For this reason, most employees will quit their jobs, thereby decreasing the company’s productivity. Growth is compulsory for leaders, including managers. Therefore, managers should work on the following leadership skills for their benefits and companies.

Working on Self-Awareness

To lead others effectively, managers need to be conscious of their inner-self. Most managers neglect this, which later affects their relationship with stakeholders and the team. But when a manager works on inward growth, they build trust and safety with their team members.

To build self-awareness, a manager needs to create some personal time to reflect on themselves. By working on themselves, they will develop humility, a quality that most employees cherish. Besides, a manager should ask for feedback from his team for a better analysis of himself. Working on self-awareness will help him lead his team to success.

Ability to Solve Complex Issues

Solving complex business problems is part of the managerial position. And it is this skill where most managers score poorly. A manager should first understand the issue at hand before offering solutions. He should be a creative thinker who is not afraid to think outside his parameters. When a manager quickly understands even complex business ideas, he becomes equipped to offer the best solutions.

When a manager realizes he is short of this skill when faced with a complicated situation, he should first write down his problem. Using his own words to explain the problem, he will better visualize what he is tackling. After this insight, the manager should ask for different opinions from his team. Having diverse voices will help him make a better and sound business decision. Also, the team will feel confident in a manager who involves them in decision making.

Ability to Show Empathy

A great leader should display kindness, compassion, understanding, and empathy. Sadly, most managers omit their humane side when leading. This, in turn, forces employees to quit their jobs. When a great manager displays empathy, employees are drawn to him and create psychological safety and trust. Moreover, these employees become motivated to work under his supervision and increase their productivity.

If a manager feels he is failing at showing empathy, he should reach out to his team, be open and flexible in his leadership methods. This will him relate better with the team and receive feedback on the loopholes he could miss. It takes great managers to admit and embrace their blind spots when leading. But when the above leadership problems are looked into, the world will be free of managers with lousy leadership skills.