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A national pandemic is the last thing, anyone expected to see in 2020. COVID-19 has affected the people, the economy, and the workplace. Being a leader during these difficult times can be challenging and eye-opening. The leadership skills being used aren’t quite the traditional ones you learn in college during your senior seminar class. Although times may be hard, this has served as a lesson for leaders all over the world. Leading through difficult situations can help you lead better than before while facing this new world we live in today. Here are some lessons leaders should take away from 2020.


Staying Optimistic

Being hopeful during moments of uncertainty may not always be easy. It’s important to stay optimistic while also acknowledging the truth of the world. Leaders who are in a position where the employees under them may be working from home should reassure them that this has been for the safety of everyone. Being at home and watching the news every night can take a toll on people’s mental health. A leader that is staying positive during this situation can have a great impact on individuals who are having a hard time doing so.


Decision Making

With how unexpected the virus came about, the pressure pushed towards leaders came as well. Decisions to close down parks, restaurants, and office buildings were made in the blink of an eye. Taking on big decisions shows a lot about a leader. When making decisions you must have the best interest of the people who it will affect. It’s difficult to adjust to change so being clear and honest about the current decision and how it will affect the future is important.


Giving Purpose

From small businesses to corporate buildings, there have been many plans put to a stop. Designers and engineers who have been working on year-long plans must still do so but in a new form. This may not be possible for everyone, but all plans must not be stopped because of a virus. Being purpose-driven can help anyone who feels like they hit a stump. Taking on a new path but still reaching your goal is perfectly fine. Leaders need to reassure people that stopping something important to you will hurt nobody other than yourself. Being driven with a sense of purpose can help everyone not lose their drive to succeed.


A leader who continues to learn new skills and improve themselves can lead through the good and the hard times.