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A warehouse management system is the backbone of any warehouse operation. It keeps track of all of the resources–including inventory and people resources–that flow through the warehouse. So, it makes sense to develop a fully-integrated warehouse management system in order to maximize efficiency and productivity. With this in mind, companies can improve their warehousing operation by improving critical aspects of its management system.

One such aspect is inventory management. Incorporating automated inventory management technology, such as RFID or barcode tags and scanners, into the warehouse’s inventory control strategy increases inventory visibility and, thereby, improves inventory accuracy. Improved accuracy and control allows for efficient fulfillment of orders, which leads to improved customer satisfaction and increased sales. Find out more about how improving inventory management and control can improve warehouse operational efficiency at Business 2 Community.

With improved inventory visibility and increased accuracy, companies can confidently use the information gleaned from their management system to enhance stocking levels and replenishment cycles. Reports can be generated automatically from the integrated warehouse management tool that gives insight into turnover rates and carrying costs such that the right decisions about inventory levels can be made in a timely manner.

 Another aspect of warehouse management that has a significant impact on productivity is the fulfillment, or order picking, strategy. Choosing the right order picking methodology helps to allocate the workforce in a cost-effective way. As the speed and complexity of order fulfillment changes, an integrated warehouse management tool can recommend a picking strategy will work best in the current environment. Filling one order at a time is fine for simple, small operations, but for faster and more complex warehouses, other picking strategies, such as sequential order picking or batch picking, may be more efficient. Integrating the choice of fulfillment strategy into the warehouse management system will enable the timely identification of the most cost-effective way to pick orders. Read more about improving order fulfillment here.

 When companies improve their warehouse management systems, they have the opportunity to improve their relationships with their customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders. By employing a fully-integrated warehouse management system, they become more nimble, more accurate and service driven. Consequently, they are able to grow their business in sustainable, financially beneficial ways.