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Businesses from established corporations to small local drug stores are using a variety of social media methods to increase revenue and gain a following online. While starting from scratch can seem like quite an undertaking, the impact of an online presence has been proven again and again to be a great key to success. The goal of many is to have their content go viral. While this may seem like a lofty goal, these few simple strategies can put a business owner well on their way to seeing a return on the time they invest in putting their business on social media.

Connect with Competition

Well, this may seem counterintuitive. But connecting with larger, more established companies in the same vein of business can potentially rope in their followers as well. The more followers click onto a business’ profile, the more likely they are to convert into customers. For example, if a company sells soda, that same business might connect with Coca-Cola or Pepsi on Instagram, follow their official profile, and engage in the comments. There’s never any guarantee, but this is an easy way to find a wider reach of people who might be interested in this product.

Talk with the Audience

Another simple method that has been successful across-the-board, is to add a question in the comments or captions of a post. This type of engagement with the audience usually gets more activity from followers, as they will answer the question and open up that avenue to have a conversation in the comments. Customers who see the personality and the humanity of the brand that they are following tend to have a more positive experience. Of course— happy customers are the best kind!

Use Multiple Platforms

Another important tool for success is to establish a business identity across multiple platforms. When posting, the business owner should do so identically across all these platforms for consistency. This creates a clean organized brand image and helps to reach more people, who may only utilize one platform or another. The more people see the posts, the more likely it is to go viral online!


While success rarely happens overnight, using these simple tricks will certainly get anyone started on a stronger path to having their next post take off with soaring popularity!