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As some of the most successful executives in the business world will tell you, being a great leader in 2019 often involves inspiring and understanding people from all backgrounds and walks of life. To do that, it is important that we cultivate a number of key leadership qualities. Here are just a few traits of today’s greatest leaders, and why putting concepts of selflessness and service to good use can take our careers to new heights.


To be truly effective as leaders, it is incredibly important that we understand the needs of the people around us and see problems and concerns from their perspective. If we can’t walk a mile in the shoes of our clients or employees, in other words, we’ll stand little chance of making an impact on their lives. Of course, not all great leaders are perfect all of the time, but to really make a difference in our workplaces and communities, it is vital that we put regular effort into cultivating a sense of empathy and selflessness towards others.


While there is something to be said for being the popular boss in the workplace, the truth is that a leader who is unwilling to set boundaries with employees is someone who is likely to become a company pushover. Being assertive isn’t the same thing as being strict, of course, but it does mean that we have to communicate how we feel when employees cross boundaries. It isn’t always easy to be assertive, it is true, but setting the standard for a healthy emotional environment in the workplace can enable us to benefit our entire company.


If we don’t take a bit of time every once in a while to appreciate the efforts and goodwill of the people around us, the sad truth is that we probably won’t be very effective leaders in the long-term. Indeed, if we forget the work of others or dwell excessively on our own accomplishments when a new goal is achieved, we’ll stand little chance of inspiring others to do their best the next time a challenge arises. When it comes to teamwork, truly effective leaders must be great coaches first and great individuals second.

Building superb leadership qualities doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Whether we’re cultivating an empathetic outlook towards our clients and employees or simply taking time to appreciate the efforts of our team, approaching our responsibilities with a sense of selflessness and service towards the people who matter most is a surefire way to build a genuine sense of passion in our careers. And that is what being a leader is all about!